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Hello Everyone,

I am a certified teacher with a masters degree in education and a successful Internet home business owner. I want to teach you how to become a smart and wealthy home business owner. Before I tell you how wonderful my business is or how much money I am actually making I want to give you the knowledge and information needed to be successful with it. when I first started looking for a home business I was scammed multiple times.  They took my money and time.  I wish I had someone to give me the facts, statistics, truths, myths, tips, scams and legitimate business opportunities out there.  So… I am going to provide you with this first, then when you are informed and ready to start a business from home, you will be prepared to make good decisions. You will also be successful and wealthy quicker and easier. The first thing I want to give you  some quick facts and the scams to watch out for.

Quick Facts

  • Not all home businesses are scams, but MOST are!
  • Home Businesses are not fast, easy and free money.
  • A home business is like a REAL business, you must put in some work!

Scams To Watch Out For!

  • Craft Assembly – this scam wants to you assemble crafts, toys and other worthless projects. They always want money upfront and you usually make nothing. After you assemble these projects they either want you to sell them or will not give you money until someone else sells them. Most of the time these projects are never sold and the company pockets you upfront money.
  • Medical Billing – First, most legitimate medical associations do their own billing. You will be asked to pay for software or just and upfront cost. Most of the time the software they provide does not meet the specifications of the people who actually need billing completed. The list of clients is normally out dated and just finding someone to work for is impossible.
  • Email Processing – email processing is not forwarding and editing emails. Most email processing ask for an out of pocket expense and then they send you information about how to spam. The don’t actually pay you and your out of your upfront costs.
  • A Company List – This scam asks you to pay for a list of legitimate companies that you can work from home with. This list usually consists of scams and out dated information. Your out your payment for the list and still do not have a job from home.
  • 900 Numbers – Don’t just call the 900 number, they make money from your call and give you nothing.
  • Typing a home – You actually are not typing! After sending a fee to get more information you are asked to sell the exact same thing you just bought.
  • Chain Letters and Email – Don’t buy into the spend a dollar and put your name at the top of the list scam. They tell you after everyone spends a dollar you become rich. The people who start the email or chain letter are the only people becoming rich.
  • Envelope Stuffing – This is classic, send money and you get  a thousand envelopes with stamps and addresses. Actually, what you get are fliers to post around your community. If someone actually buys into the flier, they send you the envelope with a stamp and address, you stuff it with the lame fliers you just put up and send it back to them.
  • Make money on the internet – Most of these system want money upfront to send you information on how to place ads and spam. Most people make very little money from these businesses.

These are most of the scams people get into, lose their money, lose their time and make nothing. If you ever pay for something upfront make sure you are getting something for it. It you are asked to buy a domain (website) you are getting something. If you are asked to buy information you are not getting something. Information is free, especially on the internet.

I will be posting more information shortly. I will provide  you with the facts and statistics needed to begin a home business the right way. Above you will see my spam page and it consists of a poll I am taking about spamming. Please visit that page and vote. Do not click on the link to my home business just yet! It starts you at the second level of my business and if you are a beginner I would recommend starting at the beginning. I also want you to have all the information needed before starting your own business. Thanks for reading my post and I hope you visit again for more information on home businesses.

Candace 🙂


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Top Legitimate Home Based Businesses

Conducting your business in a socially responsible way is good business.  it means that you can attract better employees and that customers will know what you stand for and like you for it.” Quote by Anthony Burns

Learn about home businesses and legitimate jobs on the internet. These are the best home based business opportunities currently online. Actually make money using them. They can be affiliate based or website builders. I recommend these systems because they are the two I am currently using and making money with.

What is Global Domains International

Home Businesses how to start Global Domains International? GDI is a program which offers you your own complete web page package as well as the opportunity to make money online. It is part of the Spider Web Marketing System set up and is the most important part of your money making success online. You can choose only to work through Global Domains International if you wish. It contains many beneficial tools,information and contacts to enable you successful businesses home based.

What does Global Domains International offer in their Complete Web page Package?

Global Domains International has many things they offer in their complete web page package. I will cover the main package features that will benefit you using the Spider Web Marketing System or only using GDI. First, they offer you your own .WS “Website” Domain. A domain name is simply an address on the internet.Rather than having to remember a difficult series of IP (internet Protocol) numbers, you can just type in your domain address, such as http://www.YourWebsite.ws.Second, they offer professionally designed web page templates. You can create your site quickly, then make changes if you’d like, or you can spend several hours creating the perfect site for you. You can view your Website before you publish it for the world to see as well as have 24/7 access to your Website’s control panel and can make changes at any time as often as you like! Third, they offer up to 10 (ten) custom email addresses per domain. A custom email address allows you to use your own domain name as your email address and you can access your email through your account from any internet connection. Instead of using a long and hard to remember email address, you can use your name and your domain name. For example you could have Yourname@YourDomain.ws as an email address. This will enable your website visitors to email you easily as well as a professional look to your website. One of the most valuable tools the custom email allows is email forwarding. If you choose to have email forwarding put onto your custom email address all of your emails are sent directly to your primary email address that you use most often. This will cut down on time spent checking many email addresses. The next two services I will tell you about are optional but are no extra charge. Global Domains International offers URL forwarding to those of you who already have a website developed elsewhere, but are unable to move the existing content. If your current URL is hard to remember, unprofessional or does not have an advertising name you can use URL forwarding to route your new domain to your existing website. When someone visits you new domain they will be automatically transferred to your existing website. The last service I want to explain to you is web hosting. They will enable more advanced users to build a site from scratch then upload the files to their servers. Hosting is great for flexibility if you prefer to have your site with no restrictions. These are only a few of the options and services Global Domains International offers, next I want to explain how to use GDI to compensate you and allow you to make money online using businesses home based.

How to Make Money Online with Global Domains International.

How can Global Domains International make you money online. GDIl has a standard compensation plan that allows all affiliates (you) to qualify for. Basically,you are paid one dollar per month, per domain that is registered in your network. Now, that does not sound like much, but you are not limited by your referrals and it is 5 levels deep. What does that mean? You can refer as many people as you want and those people that you refer can as well and so on.Let me give you an example. You refer 5 people to the program. That pays you $5 per month, no big deal? Hang on, each of those 5 people then refer 5 of their own, so you’re now getting paid an additional $25 per month on your “second level”. Each of those 25 can refer as many as they want, but for consistency we’ll say that they too refer 5 each. That’s $125 in monthly commissions on your 3rd level. If the trend continues, you’ll have $625 in monthly commissions on your 4th level,and $3,125 in monthly commissions on your 5th level. Also, keep in mind that nobody is limited to how many people they can refer. One of my current up lines that I showed you in my Spider web Marketing video current has over 100 referrals. Do you need over 100 referrals to make money? Absolutely not! Just a couple of your referrals who are dedicated to making money could blow your income off the charts. Okay, this all sounds great, but there is also another way to make a substantial amount of money with Global Domains International.

Global Domains International Bonus System.

Global Domains International also has a bonus system which can make you a substantial amount of money as well. What is the bonus system? It consists of earning you $100 dollars a week for each 5 people you refer to the system. Is that a lot of referrals? If you were selling a product, that would be a lot of products for a one week period, although you are not selling a product. You are basically giving away a free membership to the system and giving something away is much easier than selling a product. So, you refer 5 people in 7 days and you earn an extra $100 dollars per week.This bonus system also does not have a minimum amount of referrals which means if you refer 10 people in a week you earn $200 dollars, 15 people in a weeks you earn $300 dollars and so on. This is a great way to add to the money you are already making through the basic commission earned monthly.

Does Global Domains International have a Support System?

Does Global Domains International have a support system for their customers?  They have many ways to ask questions and get much needed information about your business. The first option Global Domains International offers is a FAQ’s page which has question after question of legitimate and useful information about affiliates,domains, commissions, email, forwarding, account information, purchasing and even canceling if you do not feel they are what you are looking for. They also offer professional dvds, verified phone leads, business cards and domain privacy programs. One of the most beneficial support systems is the ability to contact your up lines. Your up lines are the people that you have referred you to the program. They give you there personal information which includes their private emails and phone numbers to contact them at anytime with questions or concerns. GDI has a live chat for instance questions and answers and a support team that you can email directly. Global Domains International and your up lines want you to get in contact with them if you are have problems or questions. GDI is very team based because the more money you make the more money they and your up lines make.

Should I use only Global Domains International or should I use the Spider Web Marketing System with Global Domains International?

I used the Free Spider Web Marketing System which automatically got me signed up with Global Domains International. I was very inexperienced going into marketing online and wanted the Spider Web System as an educational tool to show me the ins and outs of marketing online. If you are not an advanced website or web page user I would recommend going through the marketing system to get the important information needed to be successful with your home marketing business. If you are an experienced user Global Domains International is a flexible and useful tool in getting referrals and trafficking to your site. I have found that both systems are extremely useful and successful in making you money online and giving you the knowledge needed to be a wealthy home based business owner.

Why I like the Spider Web Marketing System

Learn about home businesses. My first impression of the Spider Web Marketing System was a online college course which supplied me with a job after graduation. I have a bachelors degree and a masters degree in elementary education, which does not help me what so ever with marketing and making money online. The Spider Web Marketing System supplied me with the knowledge I needed to market and network successfully, build my own business.

What is the Spider Web Marketing System?

The Spider Web Marketing System is 100% FREE. It consists of 12 step-by-step tutorial videos that you watch on your computer. It teachs you how to market and network online. There are 22+ streams of income and an automatic referral system. It will set up 10+ web pages for you automatically which will transfer any referrals to your name. While watching each video and following the steps click by click the Spider Web Marketing System sets up your business as it educates you on each step. There is no selling involved what so ever and it is all home based work.

How does the Free Spider Web Marketing System Work?

When you first enter the Spider Web Marketing System website they will ask you for your name and email address. No, your email address will not be sent to other companies and no you will not receive a ton of spam. You will watch videos and at the same time set up your own home marketing business. It will automatically set up many web pages linked to you, when people visit your webpages and also sign up for the system they will be put in your  back office. The Spider Web back office contains your prospects or people that visit your sites. Your prospects make you commission. This system is referral based, which means there is no selling what so ever. The most important part of the marketing system is Global Domains International (GDI) which you will be an affiliate with after setting up your system. It is where most of your income will be made. Refer to the Global Domains page on my site to learn more about their bonus system and money making opportunities. Paypal will be your link to getting paid. You will set up a paypal account when using the Spider Web set up and your funds will be directly deposited into your bank account.

How easy is it?

Please know, I was no where near a professional online marketing affiliate when I started the Spider Web Marketing System. My degrees in elementary education were no help! The videos are literally step by step, click by click, they explain every possible thing you will need to know about your business. They also provided many other contacts, websites and FAQ’s to help you through the system. Getting referrals was a lot easier than I thought it would be. You are not selling anything, you are basically giving away a free marketing system which people need and want. When you give away this system you make money! You can also use many of the programs, social networks and websites you have already been using. The marketing system works with Google, Yahoo, Search 123, Miva and I also work through your Youtube and My Space accounts. It really is easy to set up and easy to make money.

Home Businesses How To Start?

I have provided a direct link to the Spider Web Marketing System as well as Global Domains International. If you click on the links you can get started in less than 5 minutes. I have also provided you with a link to watch my You Tube video which will help you learn about legitimate home businesses in greater detail. My email address is at the top of each of my website pages and you may contact me at any time with questions or concerns.

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Tips for Making Money Online

  • Tips for making money online: When starting the Spider Web Marketing System, first create a free gmail email account. Gmail email works best with the system.
  • Tips for making money online: When setting up the Spider Web Marketing System, watch the entire video in your pajamas for each steam line. Take notes and become an expert as you go.
  • Tips for making money online: Use your back office to keep yourself informed and up to date with current prospects, spider web stages, referral links and custom pages.
  • Tips for making money online: The traffic tab will give you many video tutorials on how to get many referrals and traffic to you sites. Watch each traffic video in your pajamas to set your Google ads, yahoo ads and social networking areas.
  • Tips for making money online: Your prospects tab in your back office will give you useful information about the people who have visited your sites. Be sure to contact them immediately through email or a phone call to get them through the system successfully.
  • Tips for making money online: Add or change the keywords to your sites. This will give you an advantage over the competition.
  • Tips for making money online: Global Domains International is where you will make most of your money. Concentrate on making them one of your main priorities.
  • Tips for making money online: Don’t get discouraged! Once you have set up your system the work will begin to decrease and your money will begin to increase. And, you can work in your pajamas.
  • Tips for making money online: You can use many other sites to market your business. Do not feel the need to only use the sites The Spider Web Marketing System sets you up with.
  • Tips for making money online: Track how your sites are doing with Google. After you have set up an account with Google they have many tools that you can use for free to make your business a success. Try using Google AdWords, Google Adsense, a Google friendly site builder, Google Analytics, Google Advertising Professionals, Google Audio Ads, Google Print Ads and so on. Google is the search engine that will get your site moving.
  • Tips for making money online: I recommend using You tube and My space to market your business as well. Videos are very big in marketing right now. You tube will help broadcast yourself and your system. You can also video yourself at work in your pajamas! My space is a great social networking group as well as video presentation. You can embed your videos on your actual My space page of upload your videos. You tube also can help with social networking. You tube and My space both have personal pages to network with many people visiting your site.
  • Tips for making money online: Use your up lines at Global Domains International. I will also be one of your up lines. We have been through the system and are the people making money with the system. We can help trouble shoot problems, get your traffic and build your income.
  • Tips for making money online: Keep an eye on the Global Domains International leader boards. The leader boards will tell you who is making the most money and having the most success. Asking these people questions about getting more referrals and traffic to your site is best.
  • Tips for making money online: Make sure when using video marketing that your title, keywords and description are accurate. You do not have to use 500 keywords, just ones that are accurate with what you are describing and marketing.
  • Tips for making money online: Creating a second domain can help build more traffic to your site.
  • Tips for making money online: If you are creating your own web page use Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to make your site Google friendly. This will allow your site to get a better ranking and move up on the board for more people to see you at work in your pajamas.
  • Tips for making money online: Look at other successful websites and find their secrets, formats, designs and content quality that has made their site work.
  • Tips for making money online: Global Domains International and The Spider Web Marketing System are both powerful tools for making money online, although you must be serious about working from home and put effort into the programs.
  • Tips for making money online: Be sure to submit your domain email address to Paypal. Paypal is your source for getting paid through the system. One great thing about using Paypal is your check always comes ontime. Paypal will also do a direct deposit to recieve you money quicker.
  • Tips for making money online: Blogging also useful for getting more traffic to your site. I use Blogger and Squidoo and they work very well. Blogging is easy and quick. Blogging has became very popular and is a great way to get referrals for your site.
  • Tips for making money online: Always use free systems, Free is best. You will end up paying for a domain name where ever you go, but information should always be free. The spider web marketing system is free.
  • Tips for making money online: On the spider web marketing system all streams of income are free, although you can pay to upgrade those streams. You do not have to pay for anything to make money, you can just use the free streams is you wish.
  • Tips for making money online: Work in your pajamas!! It just feels good!!

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Helpful Home Business Tools

“If you wish to prosper, let your customer prosper.” Quote by: Frederic Bastiat

The helpful home business tools page will give you knowledge about successfully marketing your affiliate program, website or product online. I will explain what each tool is, how it can be used and creditable sites to use. You can receive most of these tools free on the internet and they are all extremely useful. You want your business to be seen as much as possible. Social networking, video marketing, bulk emailing, personal websites, ads, published articles and blogging are all tools to do this with. So, lets get started!

Social Networking

Social networks are online communities of people who share interests and activities and contain different categories and groups.  They are a new way of communicating with thousands of people at the same time or separately.  Social networks use email, instant messenger, bulletins, blogs and comment services. Before expecting some to jump on board your program you must first get to know them. You want them to understand your home business and what it can do for them. These are the top 10 social networks in 2008:

My Space Facebook Classmates My Yearbook Bebo     Tagged Black Planet Hi 5 Linkedin Live Journal

Video Marketing

Video marketing has exploded on the internet in the last few years. It is everywhere! Most people would prefer to watch a video about a topic or product rather than read about it. Videos are very easy to make on the computer and a video camera is not something you must have. You can successfully make a video only using your computer and a microphone. You can purchase a computer microphone for less than 10 dollars. First, download a video maker from the internet.  You can find these for free, but if you want something extravagant you can purchase software as well. I’m almost 100% sure that all of these programs will come with a video tutorial. Watch the tutorial to find out how it works. Then make your video using only your computer and microphone to record your voice. I personally have a digital video camera and choose to use the video makers to produce my movies. It is very easy and faster than most videos would be using a camera. These are some good websites to find video making software:

Google Video Bright Cove PhotoBucket YouTube DailyMotion iFilm Vimeo

Bulk Email

Bulk email (spam) is probably the easiest way to communicate with a large group of people quickly. Yes, we all hate spam, but people read it. If they didn’t we would not continue to use it. It takes me about 2 minutes to send an email or video to thousands of people and I do get responses. Below I will provide some legitimate bulk email accounts to join.

I Contact Benchmark Mail Stream Send Blast 4 Traffic

Buying Ads and Free Classified Ads

You can always buy ads to market your affiliate program, website or product. It can get costly and you must read all the fine print.  Good keywords and ad descriptions are a must and background knowledge is recommended. Free is always the way to go. Find a legitimate free ad website and post. It is very easy to post an ad but may be time consuming. You will post one ad at a time and will most likely have to fill out some information for each. These are some legitimate ad websites that I have an abundance of traffic and eyes for reading about your business.

Google Adwords Superpages Yahoo Advertising Solutions Yahoo Free Classified Ads

Classified Ads Free Advertising    Classified Ads Web Cosmo

Publishing Articles

Publishing an article is not as hard as it sounds. You are not publishing a book, just a short personal message about your business or something you feel strongly about. Always include your website in the article somewhere. You can actually publish an article in about 5 minutes. This is also something you can do for free. A published article about your website or that includes your website looks good to customers as well as to search engines. Here are some of the publishing websites I use and recommend:

EzineArticles GoArticles WebProNews ArticleDashboard SearchWarp

PubsACS ArticleBas Isnare ArticleCity

Personal Websites

A personal website is always an option. It is somewhat time consuming, but anyone can do it. You can build a website with a site builder software or program with no experience in technology or html codes. These programs or software basically build the site for you. You choose the template, colors, content and they do the rest. Some of these site builder software or programs can be costly, although some are free. I used Microsoft FrontPage to build this website. I simply just have Microsoft software on my computer and it comes with the FrontPage program. Most people have never used it and don’t even know it exists on their computer. FREE! My first website was with Global Domains International. I purchased my domain through them when using the Spider Web System and I used their site builder. It is no extra charge and is extremely easy to use. After I was a little more experienced I decided to try Microsoft FrontPage which just gives you more options to do more advanced work. On my how to build a website page, I will go into great detail and steps on how to build your own website. If this is something you are thinking about doing I will lead you every step of the way. Below  I will provide you with some software programs I recommend for building a website.

Kompozer DreamweaverFree         Website Builder Doodle Kit

Post Ads

If you do decide to make your own website, posting ads is easy, free and can make you even more cash. You basically go to one of the websites I recommend, post the ads they provide you on your website and wait for your check. Every time an ad is clicked on, you will receive money. Some people only do this. They market their website to get a large traffic of people to visit. When thousands of people are visiting your website and clicking on your ads, that is money in your pocket. These are some of the ad websites I recommend:

Google Adsense Ads on your Website Yahoo Publisher Network


Blogging is extremely popular right now. A blog is basically a new and improved quick and easy website. You can publish a blog for free, post ads, choose templates and write about whatever you wish. It is your own website that fast. A description of yourself and your company can accompany your blog, pictures, banners and videos. Be sure to include your website on each blog. I write about my progress with the home business I am using and how people can get started. I post my website and tell about myself. It is actually a great way to meet people, read others blogs for information and market your business at the same time. It is some what of a social network as well. Theses are the blog websites I use most often:

Blogger Weebly WordPress Squidoo Squarespace Blogstream

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Home Business Facts and Statistics

These are some facts and statistics I recommend you read before starting an Internet home businesses.

U.S. and World Wide Statistics and Facts About Home Based Businesses

I found every single successful person I’ve ever spoken to had a turning point.  The turning point was when they made a clear, specific unequivocal decision that they were going to achieve success.  Some people make that decision at 15 and some people make it at 50, and most people never make it at all.” Quote: by Brian Tracey

Hi, my name is Candace Saunders, Internet Marketing Home Business Owner. I have developed this website to help entrepreneurs find the right, legitimate home business. Read through the educational and informational facts,statistics, home business opportunities, truths and myths about working from your computer desk. Then, start your business! www.spidergirx.com

Advantages to Home Business Owners

  • The Official Business Link to the U.S.Government states, setting up your business on the internet can be a lucrative way to attract customers, expand your market and increase sales.
  • The office of the U.S.Small Business Administration revealed that smaller companies benefit most from being online.  These statistics demonstrate that internet continues to offer entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals many opportunities to start unique online businesses and reach thousands, even millions of potential customers in this worldwide virtual economy. (Home Business Magazine)
  • Entrepreneur magazine states as it grows in popularity and profits, home based business is being perceived in a much more favorable light. According to Beverley Williams, a home business advocate for the past two decades, running a business from home was once frowned upon or dismissed as a hobby for moms seeking extra money. Now, home based business is widely accepted and is attracting both men and women.
  • Home-based businesses collectively generated a remarkable amount of economic activity, especially for women and minorities,” said Census Bureau Director Louis Kincannon.
  • Small businesses are, in many ways, the backbone of our nation’s economy according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • “The entrepreneurial spirit of America is robust and strong, and small businesses are thriving throughout our great nation,” said President Bush.
  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 3 in 10 of all entrepreneurs started or acquired their business with no capital at all.

Disadvantages to Home Business Owners

  • Combating loneliness is one of the top challenges facing home based entrepreneurs, according to Williams and Paul Edwards, author of numerous books on the topic, and co-author of the Entrepreneurial ParentHow to Earn Your Living and Still Enjoy Your Family,  Your Work and Your Life. Williams recommends seeking out the services of the local chamber of commerce or other small business groups. (Entrepreneur Magazine)

Number of Home Business – 36 million to 18 million

  • According to International Data Corp. (IDC), a top national research firm, there are between 34.3 million and 36.6 million home office households in the United States alone.
  • Nationwide, the number of home-based businesses may range from 18 million to 38 million,depending on who is doing the counting. U.S. Census figures. Pittsburgh Business Times
  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, receipts of non-employer businesses (those without paid employees) in 2003, up from $586 billion in 1997. These non-employers, often “mom and pop”corner stores or home based businesses, comprised more than 70 percent of all businesses.
  • The number of home-based businesses in the United States surpassed 20 million in 2002, and is expected to eclipse 25 million by 2003 according to International Data Corporation
  • In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are now more than18.3 million home based businesses in the United States.
  • The number of U.S. households that have a home-based business currently exceeds12 percent. – Office of Advocacy, Small Business Administration

Success Rate of Home Businesses – 70%

  • About 70% of home-based businesses will last over a three-year period, compared to 29% of other business ventures, according to the Home-Based Business Institute.

Annual Revenues of the Home Business Industry as a Whole – $427 billion

  • Entrepreneur magazine estimates that $427 billion is generated each year by home-based businesses. Pittsburgh Business Times That’s bigger than General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler all put together.

Number of Women Owned Home Based Businesses

Number of College Graduates with Home Businesses

  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2002, 64 percent of business owners had a least some college education at the time they stared or acquired ownership in their business, 23 percent had a bachelors degree and 17 percent had a graduate degree. Just over 1 in 4 owners had a high school education or less.
  • 48% of home workers with an income generating home office are college graduates (IDC/LINK)
  • 51% of home office users are college graduates with incomes more than $40,000 (IDC/LINK).
  • Roughly three out of four home based women business owners are college educated. They tend to be in their 30s and 40s, are more likely than not to be married and have kids and work experience,according to IDC/Link, a market research firm.(Forbes Magazine)

Demographic Makeup of Home Based Business Owners

  • 22% of home workers are in white-collar positions (IDC/Link).
  • 31% of owners were more than 55 years of age, 29% were between 45 and 54, and 24% were between 35 and 44. Only 2 percent of owners were less than 25 years of age. (U.S.Census Bureau).

Percent of Total Work force that are Home Based Business Owners

  • According to research released by IDC,
    Home offices are projected to grow to 34.3 percent of the work force by the end of 2002, a growth of .6 percent since 1999.
  • The number of U.S. households that have a home-based business currently exceeds 12 percent.” – Office of Advocacy, Small Business Administration
  • June 25, 2008 – Nearly a quarter of the world’s population “roughly 104 billion” will use the internet regular basis in 2008.This number is expected to surpass 1.9 billion unique users, or 30% of the world’s population, in 2012, according to IDC’s Digital Marketplace Modal and Forecast. on a
  • “The Internet will have added its second billion users over a span of about eight years, a testament to both its universal appeal and its availability,” said John Gantz, chief research officer at IDC.  “In this time,the Internet has also become more deeply integrated into the fabric of many users personal and professional lives, enabling them to work, play, and socialize anytime from anywhere. These trends will accelerate as the number of mobile users continues to soar and the Internet becomes truly ubiquitous.” John Gantz
  • Lusia Kroll states that starting a business is natural for women who want to work but need to stay at home with kids. A small business run from the home is away of breaking down the barriers between work, home and family. More than half of women business owners with previous private-sector experience site the desire for more flexibility as the reason for starting a business.
  • The average age of home based businesses owned by women is  6.1 years, according to the National Foundation for Women Business Owners.
  • The Center for Women’s Business Research states that women business owner’s value technology as a means to create work place flexibility.
  • 61% use technology to integrate the responsibilities of work and home.
  • 44% use technology to enable employees to work off site or to have flexible work schedules.

Number of Jobs Started Daily by Home Based Businesses – 8500 jobs daily

  • According to IDC, home-based businesses create an estimated 8,500 new jobs daily.

Number of Small Businesses that are Home Based – 53%

  • According to the Small Business Administration, today more than half  (53%) of the small businesses in the U.S.are home-based. In brute numbers, that’s more than 24 million.

Weekly Hours Worked by Home Business Owners

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that nearly half of self-employed persons with a home based business worked at least 8 hours per week at home, and almost 22 percent put in 35 hours or more at home.
  • On average, self-employed persons with a home based business worked 25 hours per week at home.

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